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Mentorship Program Overview

The goal of the Young Girl Boss Mentorship Program is to assist and prepare our future generation of girl bosses with the tools to succeed in entrepreneurship. This program will help them learn about business goal setting and how to research/find resources on their own. Each mentee will leave the program equipped with the next steps needed to move forward with their businesses.

Who Will Benefit From This Mentorship

Young Girl Bosses between the ages of 14-22 years old with a genuine interest in entrepreneurship.

What Can Mentees Expect

Weekly 1-on-1 meetings with Destiny Adams to go over goals and how to move progress in their entrepreneurial journey.

What Is The Cost Of The Program

This program is free of charge.

Program Schedule

Quarter 1: January 2023-March 2023: Now In Session

Quarter 2: April 2023-June 2023: Cancelled

Quarter 3: July 2023-September 2023: Now Accepting Applications

Quarter 4: October 2023-December 2023: Applications Will Open August 1, 2023.

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Introduction & Idea Development

Week 2: Finding Your Target Audience

Week 3: Build The Brand

Week 4: Create Your Brand Identity

Week 5: Creating With Canva

Week 6: Products, Pricing, Packaging & Vendors

Week 7: Website Development

Week 8: Content Creation

Week 9: Build Your Email List

Week 10: Launch Strategy

Week 11: Create A Business Plan

Week 12: Building Your Business Goals and Tracking Them

Resources Included

Course Workbook

Business Funding/Grant List

Build Business Credit

Business Credit Vendor List (100+ Vendors)

Pricing & Profit Calculator

YouTube For Business Owners

New Vendor Worksheet

Email Marketing Guide

Chargeback Guide

Tik Tok Content Help/Tips

YouTube Content Help/Tips

50+ Content Ideas For Business Owners

2023 Social Media Holidays

15 Platforms To Land Brand Deals for Influencers/Content Creators

Large Brands and Celebrity Vendors

Bundles, Wigs, Lashes, Hair Care, Custom Packaging Vendors

Graphic Designers List

Business Plan Example/ Template

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